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OUR PURPOSE: The primary purpose at Suburban Pediatric Therapies is to provide infants, children, teenagers, young adults and their families with high standards of quality, integrity, respect, exceptional value and consistent performance, all within a caring and friendly environment. At every level of interaction with our clients and their families we strive for excellence and moving children forward in their everyday and academic lives.

OUR COMMITMENT: We are committed to improving children’s well-being by delivering effective and researched-based therapies in a compassionate environment. We also strive to conduct business and make decisions based on integrity, excellence, and putting people first.

“When I learned my toddler son showed signs of developmental delay, I was terrified. There were many questions my pediatrician could not answer, and the wait for an appointment with a developmental pediatrician who could speak knowledgeably about my son’s disability was six months. The staff at Suburban Pediatric Therapies served as my partners in navigating a frightening and complex new world.” R.G.